Solar Hybrid System

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Solar Module:

Generates electricity from the sun, in DC form Charge controller: Modifies and regulates the electricity produced from the solar module so that it can be appropriately stored in the battery. The charge controller also helps in regulating power to prevent over charging and over-discharge of the battery to lengthen its life.


Used for storing power generated from the solar module or even from UMEME (using the inverter-charger system). These batteries are maintenance free, without need for adding water.

Hybrid Inverter:

Has two inputs of DC power from battery and AC power from UMEME and outputs only AC power to the loads. The hybrid inverter makes it possible to integrate the solar system into the existing house wiring without need for new wiring. The transfer/changeover
between UMEME power supply and solar power supply occurs in an automated process without realizing the change-over.