About Us

World-wide, energy and water demands are growing more and more every day. The sustainable long-term supply using conventional solutions is a big challenge in today’s development forums. It is JWTL’s belief that these needs can be sustainably met by harnessing the non-replenishable nature.

Over the years, we have found sustainable, environmentally sound, CO2-NOx emissions neutral, cost-effective, safe, and reliable means, based on natural resources like sunshine and rain, for delivery of energy and water to your on-grid or off-grid household or community that no other consultancy firm in Uganda can match.

Having built our business menu and reputation on the basis of this fundamental mission, and on the underlying principle fact that energy, water, information and housing are precious services driving human life in the modern economies, Aster has positioned itself solidly to meet the clients’ needs with integrity and commitment. We do provide intelligent engineering solutions and innovations to all clients ranging from individual households, institutions,municipalities, NGOs, International bi-lateral organisations and government agencies.

Aster are consulting engineers and project managers for a wide range of fields ranging from Renewable energy technologies(hydropower, Solar, Wind & Biomass), Water supply, Electrical power systems, UPS systems, and rural electrification, Waste-Water and Municipal management technology. We provide consultancy services in Feasibility studies, Economic and financial analysis, engineering design, architectural and building services, construction supervision and management of infrastructure projects. In addition we provide training and capacity building to meet the needs of the changing technological world.

Our solutions are based on patented and time-tested technologies of modern times from trusted manufacturing companies round the world, which meet requirements for environment friendliness, sustainability, cost effectiveness, easy operation and maintainability. We pride ourselves in offering you “Intelligent engineering solutions and innovations” that meet requirements of today’s digital world.


Promoting a greener sustainable future, while harnessing non-replenisheable and non-exhaustible earth’s resources.


Leading service provider to communities through innovative and intelligent engineering solutions that meet the requirements of today’s digital edge, in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Core Values

  • Integrity and honoring our commitments to clients,
  • Quality and innovation with pursuit of perfection and excellence,
  • Team work and good stewardship,
  • Good cooperate citizenship

Organization Structure