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    Aster-Integral Private Limited is a privately owned, limited company based in Kampala, Uganda offering specialized services including energy, water, advisory and environent in the fields of planning, economics, engineering, architecture-building services and environment.

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Welcome to Aster Integral Private Ltd

World-wide, energy and water demands are growing more and more every day. The sustainable long-term supply using conventional solutions is a big challenge in today’s development forums.

Having built our business menu and reputation on the basis of this fundamental mission, and on the underlying principle fact that energy, water, information and housing are precious services driving human life in the modern economies.

We do provide intelligent engineering solutions and innovations to the Energy-Water problems for all clients ranging from individual households, institutions, municipalities NGOs and government agencies.

Aster Integral are consulting engineers and planners for a wide range of fields ranging from Renewable energy technologies, Water supply, Waste-Water and Municipal management technology, power generation, Electrical power systems, Power Back-up or UPS systems, and implementation of rural electrification programs.

We provide consulting and advisory services in the following fields: